In the fall of 2014, Central Maine Conditioning Clinic entered into a partnership with Central Maine Community College to create a Physical Fitness Specialist or “PHF” program. Recognizing that the success of the program was hinged upon the development of community partnerships driving affordable, experiential learning for its students led to the seamless integration with the non-profit, Moving ME Forward.

Moving ME Forward has many avenues for impact and the PHF program at Central Maine Community College is a shining example of how we are making a difference in our community. Watch the video below to see how greatly this program is making a local impact in the area of health and fitness.

With more students, greater outreach and increased reciprocity, we can create more highly employable professionals right here in our own community. Each one of them adds to the weight of Moving ME Forward’s impact and the greater the weight, the further the ripples will go.

Since collaborating with Central Maine Community College, MMF has increased opportunities for on-campus wellness and education, and provided entrepreneurial opportunities for students engaged in health and fitness studies.

As of January of 2016, Moving Maine Forward, through its partnership with Central Maine Conditioning Clinic:

  • Opened and operates a fitness facility on campus (Mustang Fitness Center) staffed primarily by PHF students
  • Started group exercise classes open to students and the local community
  • Donated state-of-art equipment to establish a Sports Medicine Room focused on prevention, treatment, and management of injuries (donated equipment includes therapeutic modalities such as metabolic testing, lactate and VO2, and surface EMG)
  • Provides professionals for student mentorship under The Physical Fitness Specialist Program
  • Donates annual funds to the Student Athletic Program
  • Provided seed money for a Strength and Conditioning Program, as well as a Martial Arts program for children
  • Hosts wellness activities on campus for the college and community-at-large, including running clubs, bike treks, bike rodeos for children, and The Lake Auburn Half Marathon