Bob Brainerd, a Nationally Certified and State Licensed Athletic Trainer and co-owner of Central Maine Conditioning Clinic has been inspiring and coaching people of all levels of athletic abilities to achieve their fitness goals for more than 30 years. For some, that goal is to complete their first 5K as a walk/run, for others it is to run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon and for others it is compete in an Ironman event, just to name a few. Although the goals vary, Bob has the proven experience and expertise to get you safely across that finish line!

This year Coach Bob is combining his passion for helping others
achieve their fitness goals with his passion for giving back!


Beginning in 2018, Bob’s well known Tuesday Night Coaching sessions will benefit Moving ME Forward! By joining the Moving ME Forward Running Club , your membership fee will be donated to this local non-profit organization, whose vision is to mentor, inspire and grow opportunities for individuals to develop and implement innovative strategies that will promote health and fitness changes within their own communities.

Give back while doing something you love to do!
Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you achieve your goals and with
every step taken, knowing that you have also made a difference for others!


Sign up to become a member here: